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Tourists with kids are usually divided in two parts : one side think that Montenegro is a perfect place to go with babies, others say that despite the country is so beautiful, it isn’t suitable for kids.

Who is right? Depends on what kind of vacation you want to have. And how properly you have prepared for the trip.

All inclusive? What is that?

Montenegro may disappoint you, if you like the all-inclusive kind of vacation,prefer not to leave the hotel bounty and would like different animation programs, theme parks or shopping.

There are a few all-inclusive hotels here and they are far away from the Turkish one. You can find few theme parks though, but they are quite small. Shopping is a way bigger problem.

Beautiful Sea Near by Sveti Stefan, MontenegroMontenegro is not about organized vacation. This country is more suitable for independent travelers, who like mountain walking and spectacular views, walk among old towns and eat local and national food, not the smorgasbord.

Mountains,river canyons,cleanest sea and fresh air definitely will amaze you. For theme parks and animation programs you have to go to the other countries.

If you think this kind of time-spending is suitable for you, we are happy to tell you how to spend your time with maximum comfort if you come with a kid.

Let’s go!


Where to go?

We will divide the seashore on 3 parts for your easier navigation. All parts have different types of  leisure.

1) Boko-Kotor bay cities and villages. It’s very beautiful here,but this place has a lack of beaches. Most of the swimming spots are made of concrete and it’s not the right place to with kids. You can also rent a car here. Rent and food prices are average. You have an opportunity to rent the first-line apartment with private access to sea for acceptable money. And these would be the unforgettable feelings!

Bay of Kotor
Bay of Kotor

2) Budvan Riviera. The most popular part of the coast for tourists with kids. It’s shore extends from Ploce to Bularica. This is the most expensive place in the whole Montenegro, especially in the peak season. But you can live in different villages ( Bularica, Rezevichi) ,which are remote from the tourist center. It’s much calmer here, but for more comfortable and various vacation you have to rent a car.

Budva, Montenegro

3) Southern part of Montenegro (Bar riviera, Velika plasha). Here are the most democratic prices, the roads in Bar are pretty wide and there are various kinds of entertainment for kids. Because of the seaport you have to go to cleaner beaches. The greatest beach- Velika Plaza (11km of volcanic sand) is located on the bounty with Albania and there are many surf-stations here. It’s quiet a specific place for a typical tourist.


Best beaches for kids in Montenegro.

This is top-15 list of best beaches for kids in Montenegro according to the survey of 200 parents, who lives here or have already visited Montenegro.

  1. Becici
  2. Jaz
  3. Plavi Horizonti

    Dukley Beach Lounge, Budva, Montenegro
    Dukley Beach Lounge
  4. Kamenovo
  5. Velika Plaza
  6. Sveti-Stefan
  7. Luchice
  8. Ploche
  9. Buljarica
  10. Kalardovo
  11. Trsteno
  12. Dukley Beach Lounge
  13. Mogren
  14. Žanjice Beach
  15. Drobni Pijesak

What is the best time to go?

Baby beach

The perfect time to come here with kids is june and september, the sea is warm already and there are not so many tourists as in july or august.

You can go in may, but the sea might be cold (well, the Adriatic sea waters are always not that warm).

If you want just to walk and feel the fresh air, you may come on April.

In this time of the year there is not much people and the prices for house/car rents,taxi and food are there nice.

Average air and water temperature in Montenegro.

Month Average air temperature in the shade Average sea temperature
May 21 18
June 25 23
July 29 25
August 28 25
September 25 23

Where to eat?

Montenegro is meat-eating country. The meat is perfect here and you will definitely feel the difference. You can cook mash from the supermarket meat for your kid. There’s no prepared meat food in Montenegro. You can easily buy fruit or vegetable baby food in any supermarket.

Cogimar Market. Seafood in MontenegroSeafood is quiet expensive here, industrial fishing is bad here.

There are two huge fish and seafood production companies.

Montefish. The shop is located nearby the Tivat airport.

Cogi.  The company shop is located in Dobrota village(you can take your kid for an excursion.

There is a seafood shop in Budva near the city market Zelena Pijaca.

You can buy fish and seafood in Bar in the market and prices will be 30% lower than in Budva. 

In the evening at 4-6 p.m. local fishers with fresh catch turn up.

In Budva you can find them closer to the Old TownMontefish products come here too.

In Bar fishermen sell their catch in the port, in the end of marina.

Ask locals and tourists, where to find this fishermen in your town/village.

Kid’s menu is a rare thing here. They add too much salt in the food,so ask the waiter not to salt the food for the kid. Also you can bring your own food in a container and ask them to warm it up — this thing is normal here.

Entertainment places

The main entertainment in Montenegro are mountains,sea, old towns, abandoned castles and villages. But kids want more activity. We have made a list of places to go with a kid in Montenegro :

Playgrounds. Most of them are located near the restaurants and they are pretty small. Here are the locations of a few playgrounds: 

Playground in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan
Playground in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan

Also in Montenegro, game rooms are common, here they are called Igraonica. 

  • Budva, igraonica on the territory of the hotel Alexander
  • Budva, igraonica in the cafe at the bus station (except for the game room, there is also a mini-zoo there).
  • Lolipop.
  • Bar city, igraonica “Fantasy

In every big city theme parks are opened.

  • Budva aquapark. Opened 3 years ago, it has 3 adult slides, children aquazone, a zone for babies also, a cafe and a restaurant.
  • There’s a small aquapark in Bechichi on the territory of Mediterranean hotel.
  • Rope parkin Lovcen National Park. Even children 5+ can ride it. Also you can ride a bicycle or ATV and play paintball here.

    Rope park in Lovcen National Park, Montenegro
    Rope park in Lovcen National Park
  • Horse club and riding school for adults and children. Horseback riding in the mountains and among the beaches of Adriatic sea.
  • Museum of sea legacy in Porto Montenegro. The most interesting exhibit is renovated submarine R-821. Before 90s Jugoslavian navy used it. Children can get inside and feel like submariner.
  • Interactive museum in Kotor Old Town : you can try on knight’s armor, grind flour and other stuff.
  • Kid’s Club, Dukley, kid’s club for tourists. It’s located on the territory of the private village on Zaval cape ( children study and play on the open terrace with a seaview. Your child can stay here for few hours or for the whole day.

What you should be ready for while traveling with a child?

1) Montenegrin love kids. They will smile and give your kid different gifts. Violation of privacy is very important here, so they won’t grab your kid. But if they do, don’t be scared — they are showing love.

2) Montenegrin smoke everywhere, including while the kids are around. If you go here in summer, this inconvenience won’t bother you, because you will spend plenty of time on the fresh air.

3) Montenegrin don’t pay attention to baby seats in the cars, even some taxis don’t have them. While booking a taxi you have to mention that thing, but it might well be no car with a baby seat. If you want to rent a car, also clarify if the seat is provided. EasyBookingCar company provides it for free.

Rent a Car in Montenegro

4) Sidewalks are often occupied by cars,especially in peak season. The center of the city suffers from the same problem, but many trow trucks operates there, so it won’t be a problem for you to walk with a baby carriage easily.

5) The sea in Montenegro is quiet cold even when it’s hot. Besides that, cold flows may come and stay up to several days, water becomes freezing. And you never know, when this can happen.

6) In Montenegro you either think that you won’t come back here anymore or this country stays in your heart forever.

So what’s your experience going to be like?

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